More Sponsors

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

More Sponsors will display a set of clickable keywords below the search results that are related to the original search query. These helpful links refresh the search results page for more engagement or go to a new search results page with sponsored search ads. This feature will not be returned for every query.

Example of more sponsors in Yahoo search results

Results: Some partners have seen an estimated lift of +2-3% CTR. Results may vary.

Markets: NAR (US), EMEA (UK, FR), APAC

Parameter: "&moreSponsoredResults=1" (case sensitive)


More insights


Consumer Ratings

Show off rave reviews alongside your search ads potentially increasing CTR.


Image Extension

Posting a small image next to an ad is a great way to get noticed.


Official Site Badge

Some Partners have seen a +2% CTR lift from this badge, displayed next to your ad headline.