Review Extensions

Note: Verizon Media is now known as Yahoo.

Review Extensions enable advertisers to share a positive review from a reputable third-party source. Advertisers can highlight a phrase from a flattering review, along with a link to the source of the quote. They can use a direct quote or paraphrase this text. Review Extensions are sent with a link to the third party source of the quote. Partners should use this source link for the name of the source (i.e., "Better Business Bureau"), but apply the headline link to the text of the quote (i.e., "A+ Rated Service").

Review extensions

Results: Some partners have seen an estimated lift of +1.7% CTR and 2.1% RPM when combined with Callout Extensions and 4th Line Annotations. Results may vary.

Markets: NAR, EMEA, APAC

Parameter: "adEnableReview" (case sensitive)


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